Handmade Leather & Lucky Premium

Leather items in Seedea Edition are Slim, Durable & Functional; Colorful, Playful & Refreshing

Although it is time to say goodbye, our hearts will always stay together.

Keeping a little thing for it is got great sentimental worth

I always stand by you

Seedea Edition means
See the Idea and it is our Edition

The slope means Salute, to the receiver, the one worth to be respected.

Only high quality material for our series

For being environment friendly

Our items are with the EU’s environmental safety standards

And we care about the original creative design, pay attention to the details and insist the product is functional, easy to use and it must be beautifully made.

Our new production model is made for demand – one piece could do.

Hoping our unique minimalist design could bring rich colour embellishment to your busy urban life.

All items in our store could be custom made for demand
Emboss names or your message on all items

You may choose your leather colours too

It is all your style from inside to outside

We are ready to provide you the elegance in Hong Kong style

Welcome to share, comment, and follow us. Please check back often for new designs.

Thanks for reading.

Seedea Edition Design Premium